Bereavement Care offers training to those who volunteer for the charity and to other external organisations and individuals who would like to find out more about bereavement support.

The training courses and workshops are usually run by experienced trainers who are also members/ volunteers with Bereavement Care. Occasionally, an external provider is brought in to run specialist training.

The Initial Bereavement Training Course covers basic listening and responding skills; and explores the pattern of grieving, grief and ritual and other aspects to help those who may wish to offer support to people who have experienced bereavement in their community or place of work. Attendance on this course is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to volunteer with us as a Bereavement Visitor. The course is usually run over two days (or occasionally a series of evenings).

We also run a Children & Grief Course which is designed for those who work with bereaved children and young people. It is aimed at developing an understanding of the emotional impact of bereavement on children and young people, and identifying ways of supporting them in their grief. These courses are very popular with teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral support practitioners. This is a one-day course.

Workshops are run throughout the year as on-going training for our volunteers and also to provide additional skills and knowledge not covered in the Initial Bereavement Training Course or Children & Grief Course. Workshops usually take place in the evening.

These courses can be run for external organisations. We can usually also tailor a course, workshop or keynote address to suit your needs. Please contact our office to enquire.