My bereavement visitor was so kind and listened. It was made possible to talk to her personally – say things I was unable to say to my immediate family – knowing that what we talked about wouldn’t go any further.

I certainly appreciated the help and support given to me by the bereavement visitor. It was comforting to know someone was there for me, especially as I had no family near at hand.

As I was alone after the death of my husband, a visit from someone who understood how low I was feeling was much appreciated.

When I first met [my bereavement visitor] I was at the lowest point of my life after losing my Dad. She was so supportive listening. She helped me build back my life.

I went to the bereavement support group at Holy Trinity Church, Wealdstone after three weeks of losing my husband. I found such wonderful love and caring, I can’t begin to describe it.

Can I say how wonderful [the bereavement visitor] was for both students and thank you most sincerely for the support you have given.

(High School in Harrow)