In accordance with the charity’s constitution, the Trustees are responsible for the strategic management of the charity.

Trustees are elected annually at the charity’s Annual General Meeting. The Trustees elected at the 2021 AGM are as follows:

Neena Bedi
Neena has been associated with Bereavement Care and Harrow Bereavement Care for several years in her role as Group Leader of Asian Bereavement Care. She joined the trustees in 2015 and is currently the Chair of Trustees.

Jack Lynes

Jack was Chair of Harrow Bereavement Care (HBC) until 2014 and led the transition of HBC to the Charitable Incorporated Organisation of Bereavement Care as we know it today.

Bobbi Riesel
Bobbi Riesel was trained as a Bereavement Visitor with HCBVS (now Bereavement Care) and later completed training as a Psychodynamic Counsellor. She is a Bereavement Group Leader and has served on the Management Committee (now the Board of Trustees) for many years and as Head of Training, is responsible for organising the initial and on-going training of our volunteers.

Leslie Pappoe (Honorary Treasurer)
Having worked extensively in finance and being actively involved in charitable work, Leslie joined the trustees in 2019.

Jem Day (Honorary Secretary)

Almarene Frederick

Maceo Frederick

Dr Bhavini Kaviya

Geraldine Dammen Kombonglangi

Richard Segalov 

Dr John Spencer (Nominee of Harrow Deanery Synod)

Victoria Wells